F. Matthias Alexander – The Man and his work“.
Despite the name, this is more a biography of one of the students of the first teacher training course, rather than a biography of FM himself.
This is a great book. The author, Lulie Westfeldt, gives a great explanation of the ‘Primary Control’, and is actually heavily critical of the use of language in the concept of the Primary Control, preferring to call it the HN & B Relationship (Head neck and back). I found this good to read. I find the term Primary Control is quite ambiguous even after it’s been explained in words. Jargon like this is very counter productive in a work that needs a lot of clarity.



February 4, 2007

Read ‘Non-violent Communication‘ from the school library.

I was impressed. It really pointed a light on a subject I had never really considered. Namely, how people act in anger only when their ‘needs’ aren’t met.

Naturally, you’ll think that’s no excuse for getting angry, but after reading the book I found I was really able to empathise with people who before I would have just felt attacked or intimidated by.

It also helped to open my eyes to some of the relationships in my life and why they contain so much conflict. Thanks to the book I can now see a lot of what I would have normally percieved as negativity for what it really is, a caring force in my life (albeit a heavily masked one).

I’m really recommending this book to everyone.